Concrete is no longer for the outside

Welcome to CreativeCrete!

We have been on the cutting edge of decorative concrete since 2000.  CreativeCrete is determined to always stay on top of the current technologies and techniques associated with the decorative concrete industry.  We work hard to attend current seminars, learn new skills, and adapt new technologies to satisfy our clients and our industry’s needs.  Our passion is the advancement of concrete countertops.  Our goal has been to help develop a product that holds up to the rigors of solid surface use.

We, concrete countertop craftsmen, have the advantage in the market with the ability to use concrete as a medium to create a product that is adaptable to any architectural look and design option. Concrete countertops, crafted correctly, can be viewed as art, and the craftsmen thought of as an artist.  No other medium can be used to achieve the incredible versatiltiy in looks as concrete.  Our goal is using our artisan ability, and concrete as our medium, to create a product that is just as capable of competing in the durability and function as other market options.

CreativeCrete has a passion to create, the ability to surpass expectations, and the knowledge to succeed.


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